1972 Jones-Goodell Fishing Vessel F/V Pursuit

53 ft

Embark on a Timeless Maritime Adventure with the F/V “Pursuit”

Vessel Overview:

  • Year of Build: 1972, by the renowned Jones/Godell in Tacoma, Washington.
  • Acquired: Master Kyle Vanderpool and family, 1984.
  • Type: Commercial fishing vessel, designed for both coastal and distant waters.

Maritime Legacy:

  • The F/V “Pursuit,” a testament to the art of shipbuilding, has voyaged across the North and South Pacific. Renowned for its strength and reliability, it’s been a pioneer in albacore tuna fishing, even near Midway Island.

Global Explorations:

  • This vessel is not just a fishing boat; it’s a bearer of stories from distant lands. The Vanderpools have steered her through the mesmerizing seas of Tahiti, Raratonga, the Cook Islands, and beyond, even venturing within 100 miles of Easter Island.

A Family’s Seafaring Home:

  • The F/V “Pursuit” has also been a cherished home. Master & Mrs. Vanderpool, along with their three daughters, have lived aboard, immersing in the maritime way of life. Now, their grandchildren also join, learning the age-old tales of the sea.

A Platform for Research and Development:

  • The vessel’s versatility extends beyond fishing and family life. It has been instrumental in various research and development projects, assisting entities like JPL, Scripps Institute, and the Department of the Navy.

The Spirit of the F/V “Pursuit”:

  • More than just a vessel, the F/V “Pursuit” is a symbol of resilience and adventure. It stands as a proud guardian for those who seek the thrill of the sea, whether close to shore or in distant, uncharted waters.

Future Potential:

  • The F/V “Pursuit” is ripe with possibilities. For those with a vision, it presents a unique opportunity for a yacht re-fit, transforming it into a luxurious vessel for leisurely sea adventures. Alternatively, its proven track record in the tuna fishing industry makes it an excellent choice for continuing its legacy as a commercial fishing vessel. Whether it’s embarking on a new life as a sophisticated yacht or continuing to reign in the tuna fishing realm, the F/V “Pursuit” is ready to sail into the next chapter of its storied journey.

Vessel Specifications:

  • Location: Mid Vessel
  • Make/Type: Cummins / 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • Model/Year: NH 250 rated 192hp
  • Cooling Method: Keel Cooled
  • Last Overhaul: Reported Top End in 2008
  • Reduction Gear(s): Twin Disc – MG 509, Ratio: 4.5: 1
  • Exhaust Lines: Steel and Jacketed to Exhaust Stack above House
  • Fuel System: Flex Line at Fuel Pump, Fuel Manifold, Racor Filters
  • 25 Ton Fish Hold at minus 40F to meet strict Japanese’s Sashimi quality standards.

Engine Room & Bilge:

  • Engine Alarms: Oil Pressure, Water Temp
  • Oil Pollution Placard: Yes
  • Power Take Off(s): Spencer Hydraulic Pump mounted to Twin Disc
  • Machinery Guards: Yes

Bilge Details:

  • Electric Bilge Pumps: Electric Emergency Pumps plumbed with Brine System
  • Manual Bilge Pumps: 1 x Gusher Style / Deck Mounted
  • High Bilge Water Alarm: Yes, Audible Horn

Pumping Systems:

  • Hydraulic Systems: Including Hydraulic Tank and Pumps
  • Refrigeration: Blast Freezer, Carlyle Carrier Compressors

Piloting, Navigation & Electronics:

  • Steering System: Wood ship wheel, Hydraulic to Rudder Post
  • Automatic Pilot: ComNav 1001
  • Engine/Clutch Controls: Morse Separate Clutch/Throttle
  • Compass: Danforth “Constellation”
  • Radios: Icom Models, Kenwood, Yaesu
  • Radar: Furuno Models
  • GPS Systems: Furuno Navigator, Stephens Model
  • Other Electronics: Video Sounder, AIS/VMS, Computer Systems

Fuel Tank Details:

  • Capacity: 7,300 US Gallons
  • Material: Steel & Aluminum
  • Shape: Integral to Hull

Fresh Water System:

  • Water Tank Capacity: 450 Gallons
  • Electric Pumps: 1 x 12v DC – Centrifugal Pump
  • Water Maker: Maxim “HA-3” Desalinizer

Fire Extinguishing Equipment:

  • Engine Room System: Halon 130 and 1211 Auto-release
  • Portable Extinguishers: Various Locations

Electrical Systems:

  • Auxiliary Generators: Northern Lights, Lima
  • Batteries: Commercial Deep Cycle
  • Electrical Panels: A/C and D/C

This Vessel is to be sold AS-IS With no repairs to be done by current owners.


Please Call Colton Mork at 503-730-0842   For any more information

Please contact Colton Mork at [email protected] or 503-730-0842 for more information.


Call Direct! Colton Mork 503-730-0842

Vessel Year:
Engine Type:
Engine Mfg:
1 Cummins / 6 Cylinder Diesel
Engine Model:
NH 250 rated 192hp. Inboard
Engine Hours:
| Hrs

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