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Cody Rose | Born to Navigate, Built to Broker Cody is a trustworthy partner who always puts his clients’ interests first. With years of experience in boats, construction and real estate sales he has honed his skills as a negotiator, making sure that sellers and buyers alike get the best outcome possible. With a deep understanding of build quality and a keen eye for opportunity, Cody provides a level of insight and expertise that is unmatched. From the roar of boat engines to the thrill of the race, Cody has been immersed in the world of boat racing since childhood. This adrenaline-fueled excitement and the precision required to navigate the waters at high speeds has not only been a thrilling part of his life but has also honed his knowledge of boat dynamics, performance, and the discerning needs of enthusiasts.

Beyond the docks, Cody’s professional journey has taken him through the worlds of construction and real estate. Armed with a keen eye for craftsmanship and a knack for evaluating property values, he brings a unique perspective to boat brokerage. What sets Cody apart is his generosity as a listener. He takes the time to understand clients’ needs and desires, ensuring that he provides personalized solutions that match their unique circumstances.

His highly responsive nature and five-star customer care have earned him praise from both clients and industry partners alike. With Cody by your side, your vessel buying or selling journey is sure to be a success. Ready to set sail on your boat ownership journey or find the perfect buyer?

Connect with me, Cody Rose, and let’s make your maritime dreams a reality.

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