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Christopher Sharron
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Christopher Sharron

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I was born and raised in the Northeast and I grew to love being on the water, whether it be on a small pond, Lake Ontario through the Thousand Islands, or the coasts of Maine and Cape Cod. I remember blasting down the Seneca river in an eight foot glassed-over, plywood hydroplane my older brother helped me build…rated for 6hp max, but we clamped my grandad’s 15 horse merc on the back and, boy-howdy, that thing would rip! Many a time I’d end up swamped, though, due to the large wakes borne from the big cruiser traffic. Ahhh…the good old days! I moved to the PNW in the ‘80s and brought the love with me. Though my career in the wood products industry kept me “inland”, I’ve always had a boat to escape with. And this led me to being introduced to Jason Whitaker, who would work on my boats and who would come to be my longtime friend. I now live on Harstine Island in the south Puget Sound with my wife, Kay, and our two dogs. We have water frontage and we overlook Pickering Passage, with the Olympics in clear sight. All four of us enjoy cruising the entire Sound, up and through the San Juans.

Ahhh…the good new days! I hold a USCG 100 ton Captain’s license with a tow assistance endorsement, mostly because I wanted to expand my knowledge through the process. That’s a bit about me. I look forward to you allowing me the opportunity to serve you anyway I can and, hopefully, we will initiate a longtime friendship.

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